Mission Opportunities

To apply for any of our mission opportunities, please complete a Team Application Form (found at the bottom of this page) and submit it to Pastor Chris Kovac.  For more information on any of these opportunities, you can contact Pastor Chris here.

BELIZE 2017 (March Break)
Applications are now CLOSED.
Approx. Cost: $1,400

On this Galcom International radio project, we will be travelling to a remote location on top of a mountain in Belize, where we will prepare a radio station site that will reach between 200,000-300,000 Low German and English Mennonites with the gospel.

This project has been postponed.


(April 30-May 6)

Applications are now CLOSED.

Cost: $250

Hamilton Challenge is an intensive one-week mission and evangelistic experience. Please note that a Team Application Form is not required for this opportunity.  




ZAMBIA 2017 (May 26-June 12)
Applications are now CLOSED.

Approx. Cost: $3,000

Partnering with Project HOPE in their ministry to orphans and widows, this team will help facilitate leadership training. Specific teaching in areas of Christian community development, working through grief, and discipling children to salvation and spiritual growth. Team members will serve in both facilitating the training and supporting the community leaders. The desire of the churches in the Zambian city of Chipata is to care for the vulnerable members of their parishes and minister the practical and life-changing message of the gospel.


THESSALON 2017 (July 31-August 7)
Applications are now CLOSED.

Approx. Cost: TBD

In partnership with other Christian organizations, West Highland has been building relationships with our friends of Thessalon First Nation (TFN) for several years.  We look forward to being with our friends again this summer!  We will continue building relationships through events like a women's tea, a men's breakfast and special events for the kids.  There are also times of testimonies, Bible studies and encouragement of the Elders and other leaders of TFN.  Team Application Form can be found below.


POLAND 2017 (October 11-21)
Applications are now CLOSED.

Approx. Cost: $1,700

Working alongside the ministry of Ben & Krista Taylor (Fellowship International), we will be praying for and sharing with young people who have not heard or understood the gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ. As we share with them in love, we hope to see Christ rule in their lives and country. Team Application Form can be found below.



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