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December 2014
1  6:30PM English Among Friends
 7:00PM Perspectives Course
 7:00PM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
 8:00PM Women's Volleyball
2  9:30AM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
3  9:30AM Women's Mid-Week Oasis
 1:30PM Men's Coffee Club
 1:30PM Women's Volleyball
 7:00PM Element (Sr High)
 7:00PM Impact (Jr High)
 7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
4  6:30PM Alpha
 6:30PM Self-Defense / Karate
5  6:00PM Element High School Christmas Banquet
6  7:00PM Impact Junior High Christmas Party
7  9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Overcomers
 11:00AM Worship Service
8  6:30PM English Among Friends
 7:00PM Perspectives Course
 7:00PM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
9  9:30AM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
10  9:30AM Women's Mid-Week Oasis
 7:00PM Element (Sr High)
 7:00PM Impact (Jr High)
 7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
11  6:30PM Alpha
 6:30PM Self-Defense / Karate
12  7:00PM "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"
13  10:00AM Men's Floor Hockey
 7:00PM "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"
14  9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Worship Service
 6:30PM "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"
15  7:00PM Perspectives Course
 7:00PM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
16  9:30AM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
17  9:30AM Women's Mid-Week Oasis
 7:00PM Element (Sr High)
 7:00PM Impact (Jr High)
 7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
18 19 20
21  9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Worship Service
22  7:00PM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
23  9:30AM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
24  7:00PM Christmas Eve Service
25 26 27  8:00AM Element North Thessalon Winter Trip
 10:00AM Men's Floor Hockey
28  8:00AM Element North Thessalon Winter Trip
 10:00AM Worship Service
29  8:00AM Element North Thessalon Winter Trip
 7:00PM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
30  8:00AM Element North Thessalon Winter Trip
 9:30AM Women's Group Study - Hebrews
31  10:30PM Evensong






















The Ontario Chapter of The Gospel Coalition held its second regional conference May 29-31, 2012, at Heritage College & Seminary in Cambridge Ontario, Canada.  CD's & MP3's of the sessions and workshops are available (Click here for the order form).

The theme of the conference is "The Priority of the Gospel". Plenary speakers Don Carson, John Neufeld and Stephen UM will address this topic using Philippians 1-4. As a special feature, David Short will speak on "Striving for the Faith of the Gospel: The St. John's Vancouver Anglican Church Story. The purpose of the conference is to bring pastors and Christian leaders into an awareness of their responsibility for gospel-centered ministry and to challenge them to be faithful in exemplifying this in their ministries.

While the conference is aimed at pastors, leaders and students of pastoral ministry, all are welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!


Online registration now closed

You can still register onsite -- plan to arrive a bit early so that you can be processed before sessions start.

Start times are 1:00 PM Tuesday (registration opens at 10:00 am), 09:00 AM Wednesday, 09:00 AM Thursday.

Please note: Complimentary lunch (Wednesday) and continental breakfast not available for onsite daily registration.