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Baptism & Membership

Baptism and Membership

are next steps in a new believer’s spiritual journey….

FIRST - Baptism – a tangible "line in the sand" where the believer testifies before God and their church family the lordship of Jesus Christ in their life and goes under the water as a visual demonstration of Christ’s death and resurrection on their behalf.

Sept_18 New Members croppedSECOND - Identifying with a group of believers in Membership; by committing yourself to serving Christ with others in your local church, will strengthen your own faith.

Along with other beliefs and distinctives of West Highland, Baptism and Membership are taught in the small group setting of our First Steps Class. Typically taught as part of our Sunday evening bible school, called TREC (Training and Equipping Christ Followers), you will be instructed by our pastors and other leaders.  Discussion and questions are welcome.

West Highland typically hosts Baptism services and welcomes new Members two to three times per year. For further understanding, be sure to watch one of our Baptism service videos under the SERMONS tab along the top of the website (select Topic and then Baptism).

We would love to talk with you further.
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