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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada Flag

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

October 25, 2019


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

The members and adherents of West Highland Baptist Church, Hamilton, ON join me in congratulating you on your election victory on October 21. To win a second mandate to govern our great nation, even in a minority position, is no small accomplishment and speaks of the trust that a large number of Canadians have placed in you and your administration.

As Christians who believe in the Holy Scriptures, we want to assure you that we will regularly pray for you, your family and your government. We believe that God has chosen you to lead our nation at this time in our national history and we recognize your need for his guidance and wisdom. 

We commend you for your commitment to inclusion and, as you said in your victory speech, your government’s commitment “to work for all Canadians.” With respect, we feel compelled to point out to you that some of the rhetoric employed by you and the members of your government has worked contrary to making all Canadians feel included in our nation’s grand mosaic. The introduction of an attestation for Canada Summer Jobs’ applicants and the attacks upon some of your opponents because of personally held positions on abortion and same-sex marriage have only left Canadians, like us, who share in these personally held convictions to feel vilified and disenfranchised from the inclusion you so passionately espouse.

With you, we also lament the increasing divisions in Canadian society – including the growing polarization throughout the country and the feelings of alienation in the West. We want to respectfully express to you our concern that there be a cessation of rhetoric which speaks of Canada’s energy sector like it is the enemy of Canada and Canadians and that pits one region of our country against another. We feel this will only lead to a further breakdown of our national unity and fan further the flames of alienation.

It is because we share your commitment to building a strong and united Canada that we respectfully bring these things to your attention.

Mr. Trudeau, thank you for your kind consideration of our concerns, for your commitment to Canada, and for your service as Prime Minister.  May God guide you in the coming days as you select the members of your cabinet. May you, your dear wife Sophie and your beautiful children Xavier, Hadrian and Ella Grace, know God’s richest blessings.

Sincerely and with respect,

The Reverend John Mahaffey
West Highland Baptist Church
Hamilton, ON