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Singing in Worship at West Highland

Important Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since last Sunday we have received important information from our Provincial Government and FEB Central concerning singing in public worship. In keeping with our desire to reopen public worship safely at West Highland, the Action Committee has decided that masks must be worn when congregants are singing. Please note that this does not mean that everyone who worships onsite must wear masks. Masks are only required for congregational singing.

So, if you are planning to register and worship onsite this Sunday, please bring a mask. If you are uncomfortable wearing one you are free to hum or recite the words to the songs while others sing with masks on. Should you need a mask the church will have a supply available this Sunday.

Worshiping in song is at the core of the expressions of our hearts to God in thanksgiving and praise, in lament and prayer. Let’s keep in mind that nothing, not even wearing a mask, can ultimately hinder these expressions as we adjust to these new realities.

Looking forward to being with you all onsite or online this Sunday.

Pastor John