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Christmas Giving Opportunities

Christmas Giving 2018 - QL

In keeping with our yearly tradition of tangibly expressing our thanks to God in the Advent Season, the Elders and Ministry Team members present these two ways we can all be involved.

1. Christmas Gifts for Christ

For this year’s Christmas Gifts for Christ offering,  we want to partner with FAIR (Fellowship Aid and International Relief) to help meet the financial needs of Journey With A Child and the two ministries they operate in Lebanon.  Cedar Home is a residential program that provides shelter, clothing, food, education and medical care to “at risk” girls from Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian backgrounds. Clementia Life Centre is a non-residential program providing education and food to refugee children and aid to their families. The Syrian civil war has resulted in thousands of refugees flooding into Lebanon and the FEB International missionaries who lead these ministries are on the front lines, sharing the gospel and helping those left homeless by the war. FAIR, through Journey with a Child, is seeking to raise the money needed to provide field oversight as well as set up and operating costs for these ministries. Our goal is for West Highland to give $20,000 for this worthwhile project.

2. Pay Down Our Mortgage

The second way we can express our thanks is by contributing further to pay down our mortgage. In September of last year, the Elders presented us the challenge of bringing down our mortgage by $700,000 by February 2020. We are excited to inform you that since that challenge was given we have received contributions of $400,000. This means we have three months to give $300,000 to reach our goal. This Christmas presents us with an opportunity to take another chunk out of this amount.  By reaching this goal we will be enabled to keep our monthly payments at a manageable level so that ministry will not be curtailed in any way and place us in a better position to completely eliminate our mortgage in the future. Will you prayerfully consider what you can do this Advent Season so that another large lump sum payment can be made against the principal by year’s end?

Please ensure cheques are made payable to West Highland and all gifts are clearly designated for “Christmas Gifts for Christ” and/or “Building Fund”.

The last day to be receipted for 2019 givings is December 31, 2019.

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