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Church Care




West Highland is a warm, loving, nurturing community. People are cherished and experience care through the love of Christ. We recognize that life has challenges and people experience times when extra support and encouragement are needed. Our Care Ministry takes people's needs seriously in expressing compassion and offering help. By seeking to bear the burdens of others, we desire to see healing and hope which we know that Christ can provide.

For more information on Church Care, view our brochure

Stephen Ministry

Facing the challenge of pain, confusion and discouragement? Need someone alongside you in the journey to listen, help you to understand and be your friend? Stephen Ministers are trained and trustworthy individuals who care by listening, supporting, and praying for you in the tough seasons of life. West Highland has a fully trained lay team in place to serve our community. To learn more about this ministry, visit The Stephen Ministry website, and contact us through the form below.

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Our purpose is to reach out and to minister through the encouragement of care for people of all ages in hospitals, homes, and care facilities. If you or someone you love is in need of a visit, please contact us.

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Prayer Counseling

Prayer counseling is a ministry of prayer, in the power of the Holy Spirit through listening prayer to bring emotional healing and transformation to the whole person. By helping people deal with emotional strongholds such as unforgiveness, sexual issues, trauma, rejection or anger, the power of Christ and His truth is brought to bear on the root of their emotions and problematic behaviours.  For more information on prayer counseling, view our brochure.

If you are interested in getting involved with our prayer counseling ministry, please contact Sue Montgomery using the contact form below.

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Prayer Care

We recognize the importance of prayer for our church family through sharing e-mail prayer requests that is maintained for situations that come up throughout the week and we also have a team of dedicated prayer warriors for special requests.

Visit our West Highland Prayer page for many group prayer opportunities available. 

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Periodically a thirteen-week course is offered to assist those who are grieving the loss of loved ones through death. Please contact us to find out when the next session will take place.Contact Form Button

Freedom Session

Freedom Session is a 20 week course that helps people find spiritual freedom and a pathway forward by dealing with their past hurts and destructive coping strategies through discipleship.

To learn more about Freedom Session visit: www.freedomsession.com

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