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Community Night

QL - Community Night

We invite you to COMMUNITY NIGHT on Tuesday evenings!

To start off the night, join us for DINNER at 5:30 P.M. where you’ll have the opportunity to meet new friends over a great meal.  Cost for dinner is just $2.50 per person or $10 per family, payable at the door. Our programs start at 6:30 P.M. and we have events and activities for the whole family to enjoy!

NURSERY for newborn and up

QUEST for kids in JK-Grade 6

Evenings full of games, skits and fun activities for kids in a safe environment that promotes healthy friendships. Cost is $50 for the school year. Register for QUEST.

YOUTH for students in Grades 7-12

Our Jr High program is called Impact and is for students in Grades 7&8. Element is for Sr High students in Grades 9-12. Register for Youth.

CAP Money Course (begins January 7 for 4 weeks)

Do you suffer from financial anxiety? At the end of the month do you wonder where all the money has gone? Do you need to borrow just to stand still? This course will help you understand Biblical principles on financial management and give you a better perspective on how to handle your money.  Join us to learn how to manage your money more effectively. Register for CAP Money Course.

Advanced Caregiving Workshop (begins January 7 for 5 weeks)

For parents and caregivers of children aged 6-12 years.  Does your child struggle to manage her emotions? Do you struggle with his behaviour or setting limits? Do you wish you had a parenting script for those tough moments when your child says, "I give up" or "nobody likes me"?  Whether you have previously participated in The Parenting Course or are just looking to develop new skills and techniques, this special five part series will help you understand what's behind our children’s emotions and behaviours. You’ll learn important concepts about child development, mental health and emotional maturation and practical tools to help your kids manage their emotions and decrease troublesome behaviors and outbursts. Registration is required and space is limited. Cost: $35/family.  Register for Advanced Caregiving Workshop.

If you have any questions about Community Night, please contact Pastor Jakob (Pastor of Family Ministries) using the form below.

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