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Community Groups at West Highland

Community Groups at West Highland are small gatherings of about 15 people who usually meet in a family home weekly or bi-weekly. Time together will be spent focused on:

  • Community

    Belonging, Friendship, Life Together, Care
    A community group is where we can feel connected, known and begin to form deeper relationships.
  • Transformation

    Growing in faith and knowledge, using spiritual gifts, worshipping God
    The fellowship of the group focuses on ‘doing life together’ - showing an interest in the concerns of group members.
  • Mission

    Praying for those who don't know Christ, engaging in service and outreach, inviting others into community
    Through studying God’s Word together, prayer, and discussion, we grow deeper in faith and knowledge, nurturing spiritual gifts/service and witness. 


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Community Group Advisory Team

Jamie Strickland - Pastor of Discipleship Ministries
Vicki Jaster - Director of Integration
Kurt Davis - Deacon of Community Groups
Helio Nichele - Team Member - Strategy & Vision
Chris Kovac - Pastor of Outreach

Facilitators Guide - May 28 
Facilitators Guide - May 21


 "Committed to making the people of God fully mature"


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