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Familiy Ministries

Welcome to Family Ministries at WH! At WH we are committed to nurturing and supporting spiritual growth for people of all ages. For children our STAR Kids program provides a safe and engaging space where they can learn about faith through interactive activities, stories and play. The Youth Ministry is tailed for teens, offering a dynamic opportunities to foster their spiritual growth through community service and exciting events all as they navigate the challenges of adolesence. Young Adults find a welcoming home in our community, with programs designed to foster meaningful connections, spiritual exploration, and a supportive network as they embark on their life journeys.

Our Women's Ministry is a welcoming place for women of all ages to come together for fellowship, shared learning, and mutual encouragement. Men's Ministry offers a space for camaraderie and spiritual growth, helping men navigate the complexities of life with the Bible as their guide. For our cherished older adults, WH's Senior Ministries acknowledge learning is for all ages! Their regular meetings are centered on carrying on a legacy of faith, hope, and love for the generations to come. 

Everyone belongs in Family Ministries. Explore through the links below all the ways to get involved, get connected, and journey together in spiritual growth.


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