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Friendship Families

Friendship Families for International Students

Friendship Families exists to give families in Hamilton the opportunity to regularly open Friendship Families Housetheir homes to international students and make a difference in their lives.

Why does West Highland have this program?

  • To provide to students who are far away from home
  • To make the Word of God fully known
  • As members of God’s household to demonstrate that we follow Jesus
  • To take the gospel beyond the walls of the Church
  • To praise God’s name
  • The gospel may be taken back to the student’s home
  • To share the good news of Jesus
  • To deepen the spiritual journey of our families

Purpose of Friendship Families

There are over three thousand international students at McMaster University and Mohawk College combined. In addition to the academic challenges, imagine the challenges of being a young student in a new culture and language, far away from family and friends.

The Friendship Families program connects families at West Highland to international students. Our families provide friendship and activities. The family becomes a home away from home and makes a difference in the lives of the student as well as the family. A relationship with a student can become a life-time friendship.

The international students do not live with the host Friendship Family in their home. The students may live in a dormitory or rented accommodations.

Student Sponsors

Friendship Families is a partnership between Power to Change (P2C), a ministry to students at McMaster and Mohawk, and West Highland Church. P2C provides the students; West Highland provides the families.

What can we do with our students?

Host two students about once a month, normally September-April, for a few hours. There are many activities that you may consider doing such as a home-cooked meal, an outing to a restaurant, hiking, board games, skating, bowling, tobogganing, a movie night, a church activity or other service opportunities.

What is expected of my family?

  • Meet monthly with 2 international students provided through Power to Change, for a few hours
  • Hospitality and caring
  • Interest in the lives of the students
  • Share your lives with the students
  • Be a kind of home away from home, however, the students do not live with your family

Why should my family become a Friendship Family?

  • Learn about people from another country and culture
  • Provide a learning experience for you and your children
  • Show family members and friends our Christian values
  • Opportunity to do international missions work as God brings the world to your home
  • Opportunity to share with students what Jesus has done for you
  • Demonstrates who you are as a Christian
  • Live in and through your beliefs as you follow God’s will

For more information on Friendship Families and how you can get involved, please contact us.
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