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No Other Gospel: Reformation 500 and Beyond - Week 2

January 15, 2017 Speaker: Barry Howson Series: TREC

Topic: Guest Speaker

Week 2 - Martin Luther and justification by faith: life to conversion and discovery of justification

No Other Gospel: Reformation 500 and Beyond

The most important event in the last millennium of church history was the Reformation. It entailed a rediscovery of the gospel, the way of true worship, and even the biblical understanding of marriage as a school of sanctification. In the seven weeks of this course, we shall look at the need for the Reformation, its beginnings in Germany with Martin Luther, and the way it spread to France, Holland, and England. Along the way we shall look at the remarkable witness of such believers as John Calvin and Thomas Cranmer, Guido de Bres, Lady Jane Grey, and Zacharias Ursinus, and its relevance for us today. JOIN US to have your mind informed about some of the most crucial events in the history of the Church and to have your heart inspired to serve God with all of your being as these men and women did.