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Connect & Discuss What You Read in Proverbs & James

Meet occasionally or on a regular basis to share what you learned about God and how what you read will impact your life with:

  • A West Highland friend (COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITY)
  • An unsaved friend or neighbour (OUTREACH OPPORTUNITY)
  • Someone younger in the faith (DISCIPLESHIP OPPORTUNITY)
  • Someone further along in the faith (DISCIPLESHIP OPPORTUNITY)


Make Proverbs part of the whole family's summer routine

Read and talk about the book of Proverbs together!

  • WH Kids has their own version of the reading plan! Grab a copy for each of your kids and read and discuss along with them at home.
  • WH Youth! Join in and participate in the readings, conversations, and even take a turn leading a discussion with family and friends!
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Participate in the WHBC Facebook Group

Join in the Proverbs discussion with other WH attendees!

  • Read and comment on what others share
  • Post your own thoughts and learnings
  • Share favourite verses and encourage others to read
  • Note: This group is open to WH attendees only - request to join here


Listen and worship along to the Summer Proverbs Playlist

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