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TREC Training & Equipping Christ-Followers

This Sunday evening program is geared to provide Christ-followers with top notch biblical and theological education, practical ministry training and Christ-centered leadership development. 

  • Sundays at 6:00 P.M.  
  • Our Fall 2019 semester began September 15 and will run until November 10.  There will be no TREC on October 13. Class descriptions below.
  • Registration is free and helps us to facilitate classrooms and prepare materials.
  • Childcare is provided. 

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Life is a Beach, Living Above the Sun: A Study in Ecclesiastes

Dr. Dave Barker (Heritage Seminary)

“What does anyone gain from all their labours at which they toil  under the sun?” This is the opening question of Qoheleth (Solomon?) in a series of lectures to his students. In other words, “What is life all about?” or better “What is life not all about?” His student calls him “wise,” and says that “what he wrote was upright and true.” So, we’re in the world of a godly sage, not a carnal cynic. There’s an upside to life. Yes, it can be a beach! So, let’s listen one more time to the wisdom teachings that are like “goads” and “firmly embedded nails” given by the wisdom shepherd as he points us to life in the fear of the God who lives above the sun. 

Reading the Psalms to Grow in Faith

Wyatt Graham

The Psalms teach us how to experience our emotions in a Christian way. They show us the whole course of human affections as well as how to move from lament to hope, from turmoil to joy, and from despair to hope. They represent an ordered account of Israel's history through the medium of poetry. Lastly, through these Spiritual words, we gain insight into the person of Christ and the life of God. Join us for an eight-week course on the Psalms as we learn to understand these ancient poems that promise to transform your mind and heart while you grow in your knowledge of the living God.

Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality

Andrew & Nadine Smith

This class, sponsored by our church library, is a book study and discussion on "Love Thy Body" by Nancy Pearcey.  Nancy Pearcey is a bestselling author and speaker and serves as professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University.  Learn about transgenderism, homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia from a biblical worldview and discuss with other Christians as we read this book together. Cost of the book is $15.  Please note, you will be committing to read around 30 pages per week as part of this class.

First Steps ... at West Highland

Various Facilitators

Designed for those who are exploring the next steps in their walk with Christ. You may be new to the Christian faith and have questions about the Bible, the biblical purpose of the Church, baptism and the Lord’s Supper, or the specific God-given vision of West Highland. Or you may be further along in your walk with Christ and God has led you to West Highland as your new church home. We will cover the beliefs and distinctives of West Highland in this small group setting where discussion and questions are welcome. This class is required for those interested in baptism and membership.

First Steps Recorded Lessons

The Way of the Alongsider (Introduction)

Phil Seagrove

You might think that someone who makes disciples has to be a teacher, a missionary, or someone who is seminary trained. Would it surprise you to know that disciple-making is just a lifestyle in which you offer people love, comfort, and encouragement where they live, work, and play? Despite our weaknesses and fears, Jesus invites us to participate in the Great Commission by helping people live for Christ in the here and now. All you have to do is live intentionally, love God, and journey alongside others life to life. This course spells out the “how” of making disciples through an alongsider approach to life. Discover and apply the practices of an alongsider, such as reading the Bible with others, asking questions, telling stories, encouraging application, and living on mission.

Advanced Skills and Tools of the Alongsider

Chris Kovac

This class is for those who attended the Discipleship Conference, or have completed the Alongsiders Introduction class. You understand the vision and basics of the alongsider, but feel as though you need some coaching and some tools in order to flourish in a disciple-making relationship. This course will continue to build upon the concepts that you have already learned as well as providing concrete tools to begin the process.

Sr High Class (Grades 9-12)

Kevin Ricafort

  • “How can you take the Bible literally?”
  • “Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery?”
  • “Are we not better off without religion?”

There are questions that demand the utmost attention and action. There are questions that are confronting the world’s largest religion: Christianity. If you are in high school and are curious about Christianity, come explore the questions that allude our discussions. 

Jr High Connection Group (Grades 7 & 8)

Come hang out with other junior high students to get to know one another better and learn some cool life skills along the way.  Facilitated by various junior high youth leaders.

"Little Drummer Dude" - Kids' Choir

Cheryl Brubacher

For Grade 1 & up.  We'll be working toward a full-length musical for Christmas called "The Little Drummer Dude".  Bring your kids/grandkids on Sunday nights and choose to attend one of our TREC classes.

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Check out our TREC Planner to help you keep track of the various courses we offer. A few from this list will be offered each semester.