Join us at 10:00 AM on Sundays

Training & Equipping Christ-Followers

This Wednesday evening program is geared to provide Christ-followers with top-notch biblical and theological education, practical ministry training, and Christ-centered leadership development.


TREC: Biblical Parenting +

This TREC series is a special to West Highland adaptation of Phil Lees' training: Family Foundations for Optimal Sexual Development.

This biblically aligned, research-based course equips and encourages parenting adults (parents, grandparents, church leaders, educators, etc.) to guide and support their children toward optimal sexual health (avoiding sex until marriage), protecting their current and future wellbeing in today's culture.

Phil Lees is founder and CEO of PEACE Ed Services, a Canadian charity dedicated to empowering youth with the knowledge and skills to protect their futures by avoiding at-risk activities such as non-marital sex.

After 29 years in education (teacher, curriculum consultant, university instructor) his full-time focus shifted to countering the negative effects of hyper-sexualized culture. The organization equips parenting adults and church leadership to develop positive sexual health character within their children and youth. 

Starting Wednesday, April 24 at 7:00 PM in room 222.

These sessions build upon each other, so we hope you will be able to join us for all four dates.

April 24: Introduction & Our Body Speaks/God's Design for Sex
May 1: Risks of Adolescent Sexual Behaviour
May 8: No class
May 15: No class
May 22: Technology, Social Media, Sexting and Pornography
May 29: Effective Communication and Healthy Relationships


"The Refining Fire": The Puritans and their Spirituality with Dr. Michael Haykin

This series looks at the renewal movement known to history as Puritanism, which lasted from the 1560s to the 1690s in the British Isles and Ireland. We will also look at the way that the Puritans thought about such key elements of Christian spirituality as the fear of God and holiness, Christ-centeredness and the Scriptures, as well as, prayer and evangelism.

Starting Wednesday, January 17 at 7:30 PM in room 222.

January 17: Introducing Puritanism: The Historical Context
January 24: Puritan Spirituality: An Overview
January 31: Richard Sibbes and the Gift of the Holy Spirit
February 7: Brilliana Harley: A Mother’s Piety
February 14: Oliver Cromwell: Spirituality and Politics - No Recording
February 21: no class
February 28: The Life and Spirituality of John Owen
March 6: John Owen on Sin & its Mortification
March 13: Baptist origins
March 20: John Bunyan, Conversion & the Life of Prayer
March 27: Isacc Watts:  Puritan Hymnody
April 3:  William Kiffen & Baptist Spirituality