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TREC Training & Equipping Christ-Followers

This Sunday evening program is geared to provide Christ-followers with top-notch biblical and theological education, practical ministry training, and Christ-centered leadership development. 

TREC (3) 


First Steps… at West Highland with John Mahaffey and Vicki Jaster

This course is required for those considering baptism or church membership. Designed for those who are exploring the next steps in their walk with Christ. You may be new to the Christian faith and have questions about the Bible, the biblical purpose of the Church, baptism and the Lord's Supper, or the specific God-given vision of West Highland. Or you may be further along in your walk with Christ and God has led you to West Highland as your new church home. We will cover the beliefs and distinctive of West Highland in this small group setting where discussion and questions are welcome.

Defined with Ken Ingram (Book cost is $10)

In a day when there are all kinds of discussion going on about gender identity, the Scriptures teach us that mankind has been made in the image of God and that God has defined who we are. This interactive Bible study will give to us biblical answers to the foundational questions of our identity and help us to fully understand all that God has called us to be in Christ. 

This study is the latest resource from the Kendrick brothers who produced, 'Facing the Giants', 'Fireproof', 'Courageous' and 'The War Room’

Acts: Living for Christ in Tumultuous Times with Wyatt Graham

The Book of Acts and 1st Century church teach us not only how Christianity started but also how to think through the Christian life. In this class, we will learn about the kingdom of God, whether or not we should follow the Old Testament food laws, how to share the Gospel as the apostles did, all about spiritual gifts and tongues, baptism in the Spirit, and so much more. Come learn the Book of Acts with us to understand your spiritual history and why we practice our faith in the way we do. 

Worship Through the Ages with Lee Brubacher

Studying and singing through the history of Christian song. This course starts in the Old Testament, then the New, the Early Church, Medieval period, Reformation and the Awakenings, Hymnody, Gospel song, and finally finished with modern worship, discovering our heritage as a singing Faith. Whether you are a musician or not, come and join the journey.

Marriage Course with Kris & Dawn Ullman

Many people get married without ever understanding the real purpose of marriage—which often leads to dissatisfaction, disappointment, and conflict.

This course’s objective is designed to present marriage biblically as part of God’s grand plan for the universe. By leveraging Christopher Ash’s book, “Marriage for God”, the aim is to help participants realize that personal fulfillment is not the goal of a good marriage, but rather the by-product of a union focused first and foremost on glorifying God in and through everything. Only then will husbands and wives truly experience the joy that comes from loving and serving God together.

This course is prerequisite for those looking to get married at West Highland, but is open and applicable for all.

FOR THE KIDS & YOUTH: Christmas Coffee House with Cheryl Brubacher [Kids and Youth - Grades 1 and Up]

Preparing for a COVID friendly, family outreach event for Christmas called “Miracle on Garth St”.  The evening will feature a variety of skits, Christmas carols and other show-stopping numbers to entertain as well as focus our hearts on the real reason of Christmas - Christ’s birth.

Child care provided for SK and under.

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