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Deric Bartlett

Deric Bartlett grew up in New Brunswick and became a follower of Jesus Christ as a 17 year old. He was ordained to the Gospel ministry in 1985 and holds a Th.B. and an M.A. (Pastoral Ministry). Deric’s vision as a pastor is to “build believers by the Book into mature disciples of Jesus Christ”. His 30 years of experience includes executive leadership in a para-church organization, teaching at a Bible College, planting churches and shepherding churches with attendance from under 100 up to 1600. Deric joined City Centre Baptist Church in Mississauga as pastor in October 2007. Prior to City Centre, he served as the pastor of two large multi-staffed churches, including West Highland from 1997-2004. During his time with us, the church experienced significant growth. Before following the Lord to a new ministry, he had prepared us for a new vision and ministry. Deric is married to April and has four children and five grandchildren.