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Student LIT Program

LIT Program Banner 2018The Student Leadership Team is a group of teens in the youth groups (both Impact and Element) that are being discipled through TREC and mentored by the West Highland Youth Leaders.

This summer we are excited to continue one of our newest initiatives—The Summer Leadership Team!

We, at West Highland, believe that our youth are an important part of the church and so would like to take an opportunity to invest in them today. The Leaders in Training program is our practical way of doing this: by taking students and investing time and resources into them we hope that they leave this summer with a greater understanding of their faith, service, and what the Kingdom of God is calling them to. In the words of theologian Scot McKnight, “We need to shed our unearthly and nonsocial...and uber-spiritual visions of kingdom and get back to what Jesus meant... ‘God’s Dream Society on earth spreading out...to encompass the whole world’”.

From July 4th to August 18th we would like to have a team of students from Jr. and Sr. High take the challenge of being involved, being stretched, and learning new things. THIS IS TRULY A CALL FOR THE COMMITTED. During this program we are hoping to practically give students, who otherwise do not have the possibility, the opportunity to serve in various ministries around Hamilton, be taught the word of God, and be exposed to experiences they might not typically have the chance to. Although students are not required to be available for all of the seven weeks, this program is designed to teach and strengthen the students in their ability and desire to be leaders, while building a new unity within the already existing youth group.


Meet the LIT Members:

I must be blunt: I find no biblical evidence for a separation of Christian from disciple. In answer to the age old question, ‘Are disciples born or made’? I contend they are born to be made”
~ Bill Hull, The Complete Book of Discipleship

1. Grow in Love: For God and People
God: God is greater loved when we better Know Him, Trust Him, and Obey Him. We will know Him better by learning about Him through His Word, we will Trust Him more by taking Faith steps on what we have learnt, and Obey by ordering our lives according to His commands.
People: People are loved through acts of service, healthy relationships, and honest friendships. We will serve others by organizing several parts of the youth night, friday events, and outreaches. We build healthy relationships by committing to praying for and spending time with our Christian adn non-Christian friends at our youth events. We will have honest Friendships by walking with older and young Chirstians that can speak into our lives.
2. Learn and Practice Labouring: For the Kingdom in Vocation and Ministry
Kingdom in Vocation:‚Äč The Church is the institution that is charged with heralding and enacting Christ's coming Kingdom on earth. Because the Christians' primary purpose is to glorify God by bringing every part of the Kingdom of Christ to earth, we need to be Christian in everything. We will learn what it looks like to be a Christian in our Vocation by studying the scriptures that speak to Kindgom in Vocation and examples of Christians who glorify God through their Vocation.
Kingdom in Ministry: Christ's Kingdom will come to the earth once all tribes, tongues and peoples are reached with the Gospel. We will learn about the reality of Christ's coming Kingdom in practical ways to obey the command to every Christian to labour for that Kingdom by studying the scriptures and examples of Christians in the past. We will actually labour for the Kingdom by actively sharing our faith and reaching the unreached with the Gospel. 

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