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Student LIT Program

The Student Leadership Team is a group of teens in the youth groups (both Impact and Element) that are being discipled and mentored by the West Highland Youth Leaders and Interns. 

We, at West Highland, believe that our youth are an important part of the church and so would like to take an opportunity to invest in them today. The Leaders in Training program is our practical way of doing this: by taking students and investing time and resources into them we hope that they leave this summer with a greater understanding of their faith, service, and what the Kingdom of God is calling them to. 

From: July 2nd - August 24th. This program is free, but activities during the summer may have a cost.

During this program we are hoping to practically give students, who otherwise do not have the possibility, the opportunity to serve in various ministries around Hamilton, be taught the word of God, and be exposed to experiences they might not typically have the chance to.

Although students are not required to be available for all of the seven weeks, this program is designed to teach and strengthen the students in their ability and desire to be leaders, while building a new unity within the already existing youth group.




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