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Primary Speakers

Ken Ingram | Pastor of Church Care

Ken Ingram is currently Pastor of Pastoral Care at West Highland....View Ken Ingram’s Bio

View Ken Ingram’s Sermons

Chris Kovac | Pastor of Outreach

Pastor of Outreach: Chris Kovac completed his undergraduate degree in English at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, followed by a History degree at McMaster University and a Master...View Chris Kovac’s Bio

View Chris Kovac’s Sermons

John Mahaffey | Lead Pastor

John Mahaffey is a former Lead Pastor at West Highland....View John Mahaffey’s Bio

View John Mahaffey’s Sermons

Kevin Ricafort | Youth Pastor

Kevin RicafortYouth Pastor I was born and raised in Bulacan, Philippines, until moving to Canada at age 9. Before moving to Hamilton, I spent many years in Burlington, Ontario, ...View Kevin Ricafort’s Bio

View Kevin Ricafort’s Sermons

Jamie Strickland | Pastor of Discipleship Ministries

Jamie grew up in Toronto and is a big Maple Leafs fan. Through the influence of his parents and Camp Widjiitiwin, he understood the gospel of Christ when he was 7 years old and ...View Jamie Strickland’s Bio

View Jamie Strickland’s Sermons

Kris Ullman | Former Executive Pastor

Kris Ullman Kris was Executive Pastor at West Highland from January 2021 to January 2023....View Kris Ullman’s Bio

View Kris Ullman’s Sermons

Guest Speakers

Nathan Kapteyn

Nathan is a former pastoral intern at West Highland.... View Nathan Kapteyn’s Bio

View Nathan Kapteyn’s Sermons

Rick Baker | Interim Preaching Pastor

View Rick Baker’s Sermons

David Barker | Professor of Pastoral Studies & Old Testament at Heritage

David Barker is a professor at Heritage College and Seminary.... View David Barker’s Bio

View David Barker’s Sermons

Deric Bartlett

Deric Bartlett served as Lead Pastor at West Highland from 1997-2004.... View Deric Bartlett’s Bio

View Deric Bartlett’s Sermons

Wayne Baxter

Dr. Wayne Baxter is a professor of New Testament and Greek at Heritage College & Seminary serving the church in the academy.... View Wayne Baxter’s Bio

View Wayne Baxter’s Sermons

Ed Brink

Ed has served as Elder and is our treasurer.... View Ed Brink’s Bio

View Ed Brink’s Sermons

Lee Brubacher | Former pastor of Worship Arts Ministries

Lee Brubacher served as Worship Arts Pastor at West Highland from 2001-2023.... View Lee Brubacher’s Bio

View Lee Brubacher’s Sermons

Nathan Budge | Nathan Budge

Nathan Budge was a pastoral intern at West Highland two summers (2017-2018).... View Nathan Budge’s Bio

View Nathan Budge’s Sermons

Tom Budge

Tom Budge has served as an Elder, as well as, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board.... View Tom Budge’s Bio

View Tom Budge’s Sermons

Gracia Burnham

Gracia Burnham is the author of "In the Presence of My Enemies," "To Fly Again," and is founder of the Martin and Gracia Burnham Foundation.... View Gracia Burnham’s Bio

View Gracia Burnham’s Sermons

Jack Chen

Jack Chen, Pastoral Care at Morningstar Christian Fellowship in Toronto. Jack was the Pastor of the historic Carey Baptist Church in Kolkata. During his years there, Jack and his l... View Jack Chen’s Bio

View Jack Chen’s Sermons

Dwayne Cline

Dwayne Cline is the former Lead Pastor of James North Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario. He served as Interim Preaching Pastor at West Highland from September to December 2023.... View Dwayne Cline’s Bio

View Dwayne Cline’s Sermons

Don Crowder

Don Crowder was Director of Administration at West Highland (2010-2017). He is currently serving as Elder.... View Don Crowder’s Bio

View Don Crowder’s Sermons

Nathan Ecker

Nathan is a former pastoral intern.... View Nathan Ecker’s Bio

View Nathan Ecker’s Sermons

Joel Ferreira

Joel Ferreira is an Elder of West Highland.... View Joel Ferreira’s Bio

View Joel Ferreira’s Sermons

Allan Gallant

Allan Gallant heads the AGORA Network Ministries who's vision is to equip, educate and engage the local church to the mental health stigma inside and outside its walls.  ... View Allan Gallant’s Bio

View Allan Gallant’s Sermons

Paul Gerics

Paul, his wife Leah and children are members of West Highland.  Paul has served as an Elder and has served as Chair of the Board.... View Paul Gerics’s Bio

View Paul Gerics’s Sermons

Josh Gilman

Josh Gilman is the Executive Director at Strength To Fight, a non-profit group passionate about fighting for a porn-free Canada.... View Josh Gilman’s Bio

View Josh Gilman’s Sermons

Wyatt Graham

Wyatt Graham serves as the Executive Director of TGC Canada.  Wyatt, his wife and children attend West Highland.... View Wyatt Graham’s Bio

View Wyatt Graham’s Sermons

Michael Haykin

Dr. Michael Haykin is a Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and at Redeemer University.... View Michael Haykin’s Bio

View Michael Haykin’s Sermons

Gord Heath

Dr. Gordon Heath is a professor at McMaster Divinity College. Gordon attends West Highland. View Gord Heath’s Bio

View Gord Heath’s Sermons

Barry Howson

Dr. Barry Howson is the Vice President of Academics and Student Services, and the Academic Dean of Heritage College and Seminary. He has been a professor at Heritage since 2001, pr... View Barry Howson’s Bio

View Barry Howson’s Sermons

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is the President of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. During his over 35 years in ministry, he and his wife Marilyn have served in four Fellowsh... View Steve Jones’s Bio

View Steve Jones’s Sermons

Rob Kapteyn | Chair of the Board

Rob Kapteyn is Chair of the Board of Elders.... View Rob Kapteyn’s Bio

View Rob Kapteyn’s Sermons

Jakob Koch | Pastor of Family Ministries

Rev. Jakob Koch is our former Pastor of Family Ministries. Jakob and his wife, Lorie, were both born and raised in Hamilton and reside in the west-end of the city. Jakob was... View Jakob Koch’s Bio

View Jakob Koch’s Sermons

Tim Lasebnik

Tim and his wife are members of West Highland and Tim shares his testimony today. ... View Tim Lasebnik’s Bio

View Tim Lasebnik’s Sermons

John Mackay | International Director of Creation Research

John Mackay was for many years a science teacher in both state and private secondary education systems in Queensland, finishing in the Prestigious Science Department, at Brisbane G... View John Mackay’s Bio

View John Mackay’s Sermons

Peter Mahaffey

Peter Mahaffey is a graduate of Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge and is the associate minister of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto.... View Peter Mahaffey’s Bio

View Peter Mahaffey’s Sermons

John Maheu

John Maheu has served as an Elder.... View John Maheu’s Bio

View John Maheu’s Sermons

Dave Marttunen

Dave Marttunen, the Director of FEB International.  Under his leadership, our Fellowship Baptist missionaries have been refocused with the goal of establishing disciple-making... View Dave Marttunen’s Bio

View Dave Marttunen’s Sermons

Don Perkins | Former Visitation Pastor

Former Visitation Pastor: Don was born in Barrie, raised in Oshawa, graduated from London College of Bible in Missions in 1962 with a Bachelor of Theology degree. Married to... View Don Perkins’s Bio

View Don Perkins’s Sermons

Robert Plummer

Dr. Robert Plummer is a biblical scholar at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky.  He has served in missionary assignments of varying length i... View Robert Plummer’s Bio

View Robert Plummer’s Sermons

Dave Roberts | Associate Pastor of Discipleship

Associate Pastor of Discipleship Blessed with a rich heritage of those who loved the Lord and served the church at home and around the world, Dave Roberts was born into the famil... View Dave Roberts’s Bio

View Dave Roberts’s Sermons

David Schiedel | Congregational Care Pastor

Dave serves as the Congregational Care Pastor at First Baptist Church Calgary.... View David Schiedel’s Bio

View David Schiedel’s Sermons

Phil Seagrove

Phil Seagrove has served on the Board of Elders, as well as, Chair of the Board.... View Phil Seagrove’s Bio

View Phil Seagrove’s Sermons

Andrew Smith

Andrew, his wife Nadine are members of West Highland and attend with their two children.  Andrew is an Elder and is our Vice Chair.... View Andrew Smith’s Bio

View Andrew Smith’s Sermons

David Stairs | Secretary of the Board

David serves as an Elder of the Board.... View David Stairs’s Bio

View David Stairs’s Sermons

Godfrey Thorogood

Godfrey is a past youth pastor at West Highland. He is the Leadership Development Director at FEB Central. You can read more about Godfrey at View Godfrey Thorogood’s Bio

View Godfrey Thorogood’s Sermons

François Turcotte | President of Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec (SEMBEQ) in Montreal

Our special guest at West Highland is François Turcotte, the president of Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec (SEMBEQ) in Mon... View François Turcotte’s Bio

View François Turcotte’s Sermons

Tony Wang

Today it is a joy to welcome back Tony Wang, his wife, Lin, and their two year old son, Josiah, to West Highland. After worshipping and serving here for several years Tony enrolled... View Tony Wang’s Bio

View Tony Wang’s Sermons

Stephen Yuille | Vice President of Academics, Academics Dean - Heritage College and Seminary

Dr. Stepehen Yuille is the Vice President of Academics, Academics Dean at Heritage College and Seminary.... View Stephen Yuille’s Bio

View Stephen Yuille’s Sermons

David Zietsma

Dr. David Zietsma serves as Vice President, External Relations and Enrolment at Redeemer University College where he leads the university's efforts in marketing, communication, dev... View David Zietsma’s Bio

View David Zietsma’s Sermons