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STAR Kids Volunteers

Here at West Highland we work together to bring the Gospel to life for each and every child we encounter. We have an amazing team of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers!

We believe in having fun and interactive teaching with the children and in coming alongside of them to encourage them, pray for them, and love on them. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a short list of some of the volunteer positions needed to be filled. However please know that we love to have individuals join us whenever they feel lead to volunteer in STAR Kids in any capacity.

  • TREC Childcare is a ministry to children ages 0 - 5 who's parents attend a TREC class.
  • Quest is our mid-week Bible outreach program and there are a lot of amazing opportunities for people to volunteer in multiple age groups!

Want to volunteer in STAR Kids? Let us know

Volunteer Application Process

Check out our volunteer application process and our volunteer handbook

The following is a list of qualificiations that we ask of our volunteers to complete.

Volunteer Training

Safety Training: Once a year we have our volunteer wide safety training called Reduce the Risk. This training is a requirement for our volunteers. The 2019 Safety Training is linked above. The next in person training lunch will be held in June 2020.

Volunteer Education: Every few TREC Semesters we provide a volunteer education course. This course provides training and teaches our volunteers new skills and further develops the skills that they already have. This class is being planned to run during our winter TREC semester.

Youth Volunteer Training: Once a year we hold a TREC class for our youth-aged volunteers called "Learning to Lead". This class is about developing leadership skills and learning how to serve effectively. This class is being planned to run during our winter TREC semester.

Children's Ministry Conference: Every two years we as a group of children's ministry volunteers attend the Children's Ministry Conference "Blown Away". Stay tuned for more information about Blown Away 2021 and more conferences available.